Stump Removal

Though tree cutting seems like a major project, it is not as tricky as removing a stump. Stump removal Arlington involves a lot of processes, and this is why it is usually not attached to the cost of tree removal. It is also the reason why a lot of homeowners have stumps on their property. Removal of stumps is not an easy job, but it is doable. The job can be handled more easily and swiftly if the right techniques or methods are used. This is exactly why you need to hire the services of a professional tree stump removal Arlington, TX, company.

You might be confused about the processes involved in stump removal, read below to find out more.

Tree Stump Assessment

Since some stumps are easier to remove than the other, different methods are applied in this process. Making preparations and being aware of the methods and techniques that will be used makes the process easier in the long run. For instance, deciduous tree stumps tend to be more difficult to eliminate than stumps of pine trees. The pine tree roots are flat, wide, and relatively shallow, whereas deciduous tree stumps are long and deep. 

The difficulty of a stump removal process depends on the size and age of the tree. Therefore, the older a tree stump, easier the removal process will be. Also, small stumps are a lot easier to remove than large ones. Another positive thing to bear in mind while picking a stump removal technique is the number of stumps needed to be removed. If the total sum of stumps is less, you could employ the manual process; however, a considerable number of stumps should be removed with machines. In the next section, we will be discussing both the manual and the mechanical removal processes.

Stump Removal

The manual process of stump removal is more labor-intensive, but it is cost-effective if you are removing a lesser number of stumps. The process involves digging up the stump with shovels, mattock, and chainsaws. However, the mechanical process is a lot easier, and it is very effective when you are removing a significant number of stumps. All you need to do is to rent a stump grinder for $100 and $200, or you can hire the services of professional stump grinding companies. You need to bear in mind that the stump grinder is a dangerous equipment; therefore, protective gear must be worn while operating them. 

Disposing of Old Tree Stumps

This is also not an easy task, especially when the tree stump is large. The waste management authority might not pick it up. Contact the waste disposal agency to find out if they will be able to pick it up. Also, local recycling centers are another option to explore. If you have numerous tree stumps to get rid of, it is more cost-effective to rent a wood chipper, which could be used to cut the woods into various pieces for projects around your home.

Below are some good reasons why you shouldn’t allow that stump to remain on your property. 

  • They are Eyesores 
  • They Take Up Valuable Space 
  • They are Hazardous 

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